“Healing Whistlers”

(no prior musical knowledge is needed)



In these difficult and changing times it can be hard to maintain our day to day existence
It is vitally important at this time we attract a new light and the inspirational voice
of Mother Nature and Mother Earth-PachaMama.

And they, our sweet and generous old Mothers
May they give us back their healing energies and blessings
through their harmonious sounds, their soothing voices and their sweet songs.

After many long years in meditation my wise ancestors were able to create the "Healing Whistlers"
beautiful tools which can help us to integrate directly with the healing sounds of Mother Nature.

Where these holy Whistlers come from . . .

Healing Whistler- with a Maestro-Healer inside as the main
Spiritual Guide Healing Whistler from the Vicus PreInka Culture. Peru
The deserts of Peru are the driest on our planet, lonely
and arid places where mysterious Healers were
buried with their healing tools but specially with
their amazing “Whistlers”, with the sacred
mission to be continuing guiding in healings and
ceremonies to their students and patients.
Wise medicine men and medicine women who
knew about the beautiful connection with other
spiritual levels through the special use of the
“Healing Whistlers”.

Master Healers

Even today, more than ten thousand years on, this incredible wisdom continues to be used by an exclusive group of old healers, who are the keepers of many curative secrets and mystical ceremonies.

These lone healers received this important wisdom from their grandparents, when they were little children, since then they learned to play these enigmatic Whistlers, that allowed them to enter into a new spiritual world.

Blowing these Healing Whistlers, soft but deep sounds can be produced; slowly special prayers are also said and then as a very special step sacred water is added inside to each Whistler, and once they are blown again gentle movements are made to join the two sacred elements, Water and Air, creating extraordinary and unusual vibrations that travel slowly through the energy field of a person...

This ceremonial process begins by blowing these amazing Healing Whistles, producing soft but very deep sounds, then sacred water is added into each Whistler along with prayers and when are blow them again together with gentle movements, the two sacred elements, Water and Air are mixed creating unusual sounds and extraordinary vibrations that slowly travel like waves through the energy field of a person, producing an amazing mental, spiritual and emotional purification and consequently an “incredible healing"
Master Healer playing a Healing Whistler
from the PreInka Culture “Mochica” 300 B.C. Peru

Master Healer-Mama Healer – Mochica Culture 300 BC. Peru

This profound spiritual cleansing enabled the release
and heal of various traumas, fears, pains and diseases.

The melodic sounds that come from these sacred “Healing Whistlers” perfectly imitate the curative voices of Mother Nature, the animals and especially the sweet singing of the birds. Divine sounds which can open up a door in our own self, to allow our oppressed spirits to peacefully liberate themselves and make incredible spiritual journeys to new dimensional levels where the ancient spiritual Masters and Deities are.
This powerful ceremony, full of the sounds and voices of nature, directly impacts the valuable renewal of our life energy… which is then pleasantly reflected in our physical, mental, emotional and sexual bodies.
Healing Whistler- with a Maestro-Healer who holds the sacred water
Healing Whistler from the Mochica PreInka Culture. Peru

Let's join our steps...
Let’s walk together through a new spiritual world


The Seminar “Healing Whistlers”

Whistlers of Wind - Water - Fire and Earth
Level 1 (no prior musical knowledge is needed)

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to initiate these teachings on the amazing Peruvian Whistlers. After meditating on it for a long time I decided to call them “The Healing Whistlers - The Whistlers of Water, Fire, Air and Water”. They are the ones that helped me to heal myself from many of my traumas and fears and enable me to purify and increase my life force energy and have a better spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and sexual life.

Master Healers guided by the trill of the spiritual birds –
Drawings from the PreInka Culture “Paracas” 700 B.C. Peru

This extraordinary Seminar will include 3 full days full of teachings which will help participants enter into a beautiful world of healings and ceremonies. A unique chance for me to share ancient healing secrets which I learned during my many years spent with healers from the desert of Peru

Healing Water Whistler with sacred Bird as main spiritual guide
Vicus PreInka Culture 150 B.C. Peru
This important process will help us discover our Maestro, animal or bird of power, the intimal spirit who can guide us to reintegrate with Mother Nature, the spiritual Maestro who can guide to walk into the Healing and Ceremonial Path.

I will also include in this first Seminar, teachings on how to do easy and deep personal healings with each “Whistler” and then be able to do unique and effective healings to others, in this essential process we will also learn how to add the "Mama Q'ocha or Mama Water" to each “Whistler”, an important element which empower even more the healing sounds and cleansing vibrations.

I will dedicate an special time to teach the kind and amount of water that we need to add, how to prepare the Serene Water, the Cleansing Water, special and sacred liquids which can help us to do intense group healings and perform Ceremonies dedicated to Mama Quilla-Mama Moon, PachaMama-Mother Earth and Tayta Inti-Father Sun.

Each Whistler has its own unique shape, design and sound, and they can help us to reach different spiritual levels both within ourselves and within the person whose energy field we want to heal.

To carry out this important and unique Seminar, I will use my most precious and sacred Whistlers, the same ones that have been with me during my healing and ceremonial Seminars in different countries for more than 30 years. Special tools that will help me teach participants how to energetically and physically integrate with the Whistlers, and little by little learn how to hold them, blow into them and learn to how to use for Healings and Ceremonies.

It’s easy to do and you don’t need to have any musical experience. I will focus especially on guiding each participant to connect in a more personal way with a specific Whistler, since each one can be shaped like an Old Healer, or an animal or a bird, and they all have different sounds and vibrations.

There is a Special Spiritual Guide in each Healing Whistler to helps us
to balance the male/female energies …PreInka Culture “Vicus” 150 B.C. Peru

The Whistlers that we will use for teaching were made by ancient master healers, who still preserve the ancestral techniques, using the best and most natural materials, mud and clay from the surroundings of Inka temples mixed with the purest water of the Peruvian Andes, from streams that come from the sacred mountains such as the Apu (Spirit of the Mountain) Ausangate, Apu Salkantay, Apu Pitusiray, Apu Sahuasiray and especially from Apu Machupicchu and Huayna Picchu.
Finally, they are heated in old ovens where only clean, natural wood is used.

Nazca Lines – Huge figures of Healers from the Desert
PreInka Culture “Nazca” 100 A.D. Peru

Nazca Lines – Huge figures of Healers from the Desert
PreInka Culture “Nazca” 100 A.D. Peru
The essence of this Seminar will be deeply related to help participants to reintegrate to Mother Nature, since I will also teach ancient prayers and how to do the healings with the Sacred Fire, for this important part, my teachings will be dedicated to learn how to use the “Whistlers” and the “Palo Santo” a natural incense which comes from a tree that grows only in the borders of the deserts of Peru.

This natural incense can help us to learn and do incredible ceremonies of gratitude to Mama Nature, Mama Q'ocha or Mama Water, Mama Quilla-Moon and to our beloved PachaMama our Mother Earth.

This is a great time to learn the real use of the Palo Santo and part of the funds that I can create during this important seminar will go directly to PachaMama School-Reforestations to do real reforestation programs with Palo Santo in Peru, since people around the world is just using this ancestral tree-incense without supporting the preservation of the natural and sensitive ecosystem where it grows.

*Whistlers are not included in the price of the Seminar. If you would like to order your own Whistler, I would be very happy to organize this for you. Orders will be delivered from the Peruvian Andes and will arrive within 45 days of ordering. Please get in touch to find out more details.