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More than we say, more than we ask…
we are . . .
what we do and what we share . . . we are “Ayni”
Witnessing a sunrise at the Temple of Machupicchu is one of the most glorious sensations any human being will ever experience
Exploring the joyfulness of the mysterious and enigmatic Nazca Lines can only be compared to the beauty of the vastness of the universe.

The beautiful temple of “Machupicchu”. Cusco, Peru.
These amazing temples were lovingly built by my respected ancestors the Inkas, the PreInkas and the Amazon Maestros.

These temples to nature are part of their essential teachings to remind us what we humans are capable of building when we enter into mystical alliance with ourselves, with our community, with nature and the Universe… when we enter in the practice of the "Ayni" an Inka principle still in practice in the Peruvian Andes.

“Ayni” teaches us that all the medicinal, nutritional and beautiful blessings we receive from PachaMama - Mother Earth, from Mother Nature and from the incredible Spirits of the Universe, and most especially when we are the receivers of pure and virtuous feelings and help from our family and community, this can result in the best energy of life…
Only if we do and give the same with good will, patient, faith and much love.

Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

The Amazing Nazca lines -PreInka Culture Nazca 100 AD
It is my good fortune that my grandmother was born in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. She had 12 children, which meant she became a ‘doctor’ to each and every one of them, and then in turn, to her 46 grandchildren. I still remember her amazing healing techniques, prayers and most especially the amount of time she dedicated to teaching me about the healing energies of PachaMama and the Apus.

I also believe that the Higher Spirits allowed me to travel to the most natural and untouched places in Peru and Bolivia over the last 50 years, I am sure it was for me to know these amazing temples in the deepest and most sacred way.

…It feels to me as if an old woman, like in a dance, took me by the hand and led me to meet the most exceptional Maestros, Curanderos and Curanderas. Who mysteriously took me to extremely isolated places where I was allowed to participate in the almost forgotten ceremonies I always kept myself quiet and in silence, just allowing my spirit to be nourished by the awe-inspiring energy in these ceremonies.

I feel that my ancestors taught me that before I could perform the beautiful art of healing, it was first necessary for me to be in service as a volunteer working with children and people, many of them who suffered with desperate health issues.

I always did this beautiful work with humility, respect, strength and love, it being the best way to make my own “Ayni”; giving back with great joy the teachings that I received every day of my life.
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC
Extraordinary Maestra “Mama Selmira” Amazon Healer-Ayahuasquera “Shipibo” & Richard Aguayo R
When the Masters open their true wisdom… few students follow the teachings in true silence.

This is my Ayni

- The construction of 17 clean water systems in the Q'ero Nation, located between 3,200m - 4,800m above sea level, in Cusco, Peru, between 1995 and 2005

- The construction of 2 greenhouses in the Q'ero Nation at 4,800m above sea level in Cusco, Peru between 1995 and 2005

- The construction of the “Munay T’ika - Beautiful Flower” School, built from stones, mud and straw at 4,600m above sea level, in the Q’ero Nation in Cusco-Peru, between 1995 and 2005 (at present it continues to function as the only school made of traditional Inka materials and imparts the ancestral wisdom of PachaMama -the Apus -Ayni)

- Ceremony of reunification of the last Inka Q'ero Ayllu or Nation, managing to gather together at least 700 Q’ero healers in a ceremony to our PachaMama, in the town of C’ochamocco-Q’ero Nation in 1999

- Reforestation with at least 1,000 medicinal plants, in the Amazon regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios, Peru from 1990 to the present day

- Voluntary work with disabled children in the Madre de Dios region, Peru from 2010 to the present day

- Great Rain Ceremony to put out the fires in the Amazon in 2019, 40 children participated together with their Mothers and fathers, miraculously the rain came the next day, and this happened after 3 months of drought

- Voluntary work getting direct help to handicapped children in the regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios, Peru, from 1990 to the present day

- Free ceremonies for Mother Earth, Mother Water and Mother Nature, in at least 30 countries across the world from 1970 to the present day

- Deep prayers and open ceremonies for the peace and healing of our planet and of all of us in 2020

- A conference in the White House, Washington DC, USA to stop the contamination of the Amazon rain forest in 1997

Our PachaMama school was born as a beautiful way of being in service and to help PachaMama, nature and humanity

One of the most beautiful and important ceremonies that I ever did together with Amazonian children and their parents
Rain Ceremony – Amazon Rainforest of Peru 2019
Note the extremely dry soil due to lack of rain - the next day it miraculously came
heavy rain to this part of the Amazon after 3 months
Great “Ayni” Voluntary work with a team of surgeons from Belgium and The Netherlands
Campaign of free Cleft surgeries for from the Amazon Puerto Maldonado Perú 2019
Only when we practice “Ayni”. . . which is feeling, doing and giving back in sacred reciprocity with gratitude,
humility, respect, strength and love in all that we do throughout each day of our lives do we attain “Ayni”
Living in harmony with us, with people and nature will bring balance and peace to our planet.

We are . . . PachaMama School

A sincere way to find yourself . . .
with ancestral medicine . . .
with the divine . . .

Power animals - Snake-Puma from the PreInka Culture “Huarmey” 2,000 BC
On pilgrimages through the Andes, the Amazon and the deserts of Peru, I found myself in spectacular natural sanctuaries and
majestic Inka temples, as well as in ancestral native communities, where I received many heartfelt teachings which turned out to
be so important in my life. At the same time, I could also see that those true natives who really live-in direct contact with nature
were desperately looking for help since the devastating climate changes were destroying their life, nature, rivers, agriculture and
animals, and of course their remarkable wisdom and secrets about nature and medicine were in danger of disappearing.

In 1990 I received an important message – to start a long spiritual journey throughout our planet ¬– with the great mission to carry and share the important messages, the profound wisdom and the sacred ceremonies of my ancestors.

Over the last 30 years, PachaMama School Organization and Richard Aguayo R. have been holding intense ceremonies, teachings and healings in:

Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, USA, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, England, Scotland, France, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Portugal and Spain

Richard Aguayo R – Sunrise ceremony in Machupicchu Temple

My mission is… to believe and love our planet My mission is…to learn and teach how to overcome our egos and selfishness and work together to find our inner peace…and be an important part for a new era with more balance and peace Richard Aguayo